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For professional crypto traders, Liquid Mercury is the #1 choice.

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World-renowned professional trader and “Market Wizard” Tony Saliba has been powering professional trading for the last 30 years.

Tony founded LiquidPoint in 1999, and the company (sold to Bank of New York ConvergEX in 2007) is currently #3 in highest overall execution volumes behind Citadel Securities and Susquehanna.

Matrix Executions, founded in 2018 by Tony, is now #5 in the overall execution volumes. The combined execution volumes of LiquidPoint and Matrix would be second only to Citadel Securities.

Sophisticated market participants will lead the next phase of crypto. Who will they turn to? The same person they have for 30 years, Tony Saliba.

Tony has collected the best and brightest minds, including his key management from LiquidPoint and Matrix Executions, to create the leading professional crypto trading solution, Liquid Mercury.

Liquid Mercury was built by professionals for professionals. Liquid Mercury is the #1 choice for sophisticated buy-side and institutional sell-side legacy trading professionals moving into crypto.

Built for professional market participants moving into crypto.

Professional Crypto Trading Solutions

For professional cryptocurrency traders to trade crypto options, futures, perpetual swaps, and spot pairs at the leading exchanges and with top OTC liquidity providers.

Pro-grade tools, low-latency infrastructure, and flexible workflows to power multi-asset order & execution management for prop traders, quants, crypto funds, asset managers, and other market participants.

For OTC brokers & liquidity providers to upgrade from dealing with counterparties via IM and voice to a fully automated, end-to-end electronic OTC platform.

Provide 24/7 prices to counterparties, source top-tier liquidity from Mercury’s network or provide your own liquidity, and automate each step of the trading process for a solution to efficiently scaling an OTC trading business.

Turnkey and fully customized white labels are available.

For active trading and investing customers seeking a turnkey crypto trading, settlement, and custody solution for crypto assets.

Institutional-grade liquidity sourced from Liquid Mercury's network of top-tier crypto liquidity providers with a wide selection of trading pairs, no minimum trade sizes, and no exchange fees.

A single access point for client onboarding, trade settlement, asset custody (with fiat on & off ramps), and client availability in all 50 US states and 60+ countries.

Supported by 24/7 live customer support.

Liquid Mercury was built by professionals for professionals.

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