Liquid Mercury

Liquid Mercury powers professional crypto trading. Liquid Mercury is the #1 choice for sophisticated buy-side and institutional sell-side legacy trading professionals moving into crypto. Institutional grade infrastructure, access to deep liquidity, and best-in-class trading tools and workflow automation; Liquid Mercury was built by professionals for professionals.

Liquid Mercury’s products are used under the Liquid Mercury brand as well as partner brands, as a part of Liquid Mercury’s white label offering, on desktops and mobile devices.

MERC Tokenomics

The MERC is Liquid Mercury’s utility token.

Token address: 0xa203eb78fee91c8459c6d4ef3a899d8724ee5b35

MERC is an ERC-20 utility token for Liquid Mercury’s customers. The design of the MERC is to help all levels of Liquid Mercury clients get access to professional crypto trading tools, reward them for their loyalty to our solution, and unlock an extraordinary value proposition. This value proposition includes curated trading tools, unique market data, rebates for individual traders, and discounts for Liquid Mercury institutional clients.

Two use cases based on different client types of Liquid Mercury as follows:

For individual clients, different amounts of staked MERCs will unlock varying levels of access to curated trading tools and trading rebates in ETH.

For institutional clients, staked MERCs in various tranches afford varying levels of discounts that can be applied to their monthly Liquid Mercury invoices.

MERC Details

  • Total supply is 6 billion
  • 0.5 billion is used for Marketing/Promotions
    • Minimum of 6-month staking from issuing
    • 40% of the total and any un-vested MERCs from the previous period to vest in each subsequent year
  • 2.5 billion are for Liquidity and staking rewards
    • 1.7 billion pre-sold
    • Minimum of 1-year staking from issuing
    • Staff awards vesting over 5-years
    • 800 million to initialize liquidity pool
  • 1 billion are in a Reserve Account for future projects, partnerships, and JV’s
    • Minimum of 1-year staking from issuing
    • Reserve Account will not be used before 2023
  • 2 billion MERCs are held by Mercury and vest over a 3-year period, used to attract and keep top tier talent, increase circulating supply only upon expansion of Mercury’s customer base and a gating formula. No more than the following vest each year:
    • 20% of the total in year one
    • 40% of the total and any un-vested MERCs from the previous period to vest in each subsequent year

MERC Staking

  • Staking period is minimum of 12 months
  • Staking reward
    • 10% annual rate
  • Discount levels to client invoice
    • Fractional Discount MERC (fdM): 10 million staked MERCs earns 2% monthly discount with a cap of $500
    • Discount MERC (dMERC): 50 million staked MERCs earns 15% monthly discount with a cap of $3,750
    • Max of 25% discount per customer per month

*Note from Liquid Mercury:

14 billion of MERCs supply are burnt to reduce to current 6 billion of MERCs.

Rewards for sophisticated market participants.