MERC is the utility token of the Liquid Mercury ecosystem

What is a MERC?

MERC is an ERC-20 utility token that allows anyone who holds MERCs the opportunity to participate in generating and receiving value from the Liquid Mercury ecosystem.

Generating Value with MERCs

The LM staking program makes any MERC token holder a potential Discount Farmer and a valuable participant in the LM Eco-System.

Once MERCs have been accumulated in an ERC-20 wallet, those MERCs can be staked on the Liquid Mercury Staking Site by connecting a MetaMask wallet. Once staked, MERCs will generate a 10% annual staking reward paid in MERCs. In the near future, Liquid Mercury will be creating additional staking rewards for MERC holders who have staked 2.5M, 10M, and 50M MERCs.

MERC is the utility token of the Liquid Mercury ecosystem

MERC Tree Tokenomics​

How to Plant a MERC Tree

Any number of Staked MERCs planted (staked) for a 30 day initial staking period, creates a MERC Tree. The “fruit” of your MERC Tree is the Element Token (ET). In addition, each tree also receives a staking reward in the form of additional MERC tokens

Staking Reward (MERCs)

There is no minimum number of MERCs required to begin receiving the staking reward and additional MERCs. This allows even small individual MERC holders to plant their tree, and reinvest their staking reward until their Tree is big enough to start producing ETs.

Element Tokens (ETs)

When a minimum qualifying number of MERCs have been staked (see link here for current MT staking levels) Your MT begins producing ETs each and every month. The more MERCs you stake, the more ETs your Tree will grow each month. ​

MERC is the utility token of the Liquid Mercury ecosystem

MERC Rewards: Additional Value for Individual Users ​


Individuals can get access to the LM Rewards program by purchasing an annual subscription, or if you use MERC tokens, receive a rebate on the price appreciation of MERCs for the term you are a member of LM Rewards.



First Year Payment

$500 USD

$500 USD

Payment Each Year After First Year

$500 USD

$250 USD

MERC Rebate Program

Access to Tony Saliba’s Curated Trading Tools
Access to MERC Community

Tony Saliba’s Curated Trading Tools

Institutional grade risk management tools for individual traders curated by world renowned professional trader Tony Saliba. Curated tools integrated into Liquid Mercury’s products for a seamless experience.

Elements Rewards Professional Trading Tools




Stake MERCs on Liquid Mercury's Staking Website

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Institutions that are currently using LM Pro or OTC solutions

Access to LM Rewards

Get access to professional trading tools curated by Tony Saliba

Rewards & Discounts

Staking rewards are paid in MERCs. Trading rebates are paid in ETH.

Rewards for individual market participants.