Mercury Digital Assets To Power Enigma Securities’ Trading of Crypto Derivatives

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Mercury’s bespoke integrated solution will allow Enigma to quickly grow its footprint in the accelerating market segment

Mercury’s platform and development capabilities will enhance Enigma’s existing agency crypto derivatives trading services and will create a professional-grade integrated solution replete with institutional tools. These functionalities will support and allow Enigma’s clients to seamlessly access derivatives alongside spot crypto products and other services.

“Both Mercury’s and Enigma’s teams share deep experience within traditional capital markets, and that similar understanding provides us with greater combined insight to apply in this emerging asset class,” said Mercury Founder Tony Saliba. “Our views of the crypto derivatives space align — these global markets need more sophisticated institutional trading technology and standards.”

Within a complex market structure characterized by fragmented liquidity pools, crypto derivatives trading has hit records. In December 2020, an all-time high of $1.43 trillion of crypto-based derivatives products traded globally, partly due to growing institutional participation in the market.

“Challenges in the growing crypto derivatives space equate to trading opportunities for those who can remain nimble and adapt to constantly shifting conditions and volatility,” said Enigma Securities CEO Wilfred Daye. “The need for more advanced products and solutions to help facilitate growth and take advantage of those opportunities is increasing. By partnering with Mercury and leveraging its preexisting infrastructure and connectivities, we are well-positioned to serve our clients.”

In addition to being able to trade in multiple exchange order books on behalf of its clients, Enigma will be able to access and provide offscreen liquidity in Mercury’s RFQ network for block trading large options, futures, and perpetual swaps trades.

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About Mercury Digital Assets

Developed by the same team that created the current, state-of-the-art, application-driven liquidity networks used within the listed equity options market, Mercury Digital Assets offers secure, reliable, and efficient access to digital asset markets with institutional-grade solutions for OTC desks, exchanges, professional trading groups, custodians, and asset managers. For more information about Mercury Digital Assets, visit:

About Enigma Securities

Enigma Securities is a leading, regulated technology-driven financial institution, dedicated to corporate client solutions for crypto assets. Headquartered in London, the firm works with institutional and corporate clients to provide a full suite of crypto services and bespoke liquidity solutions through its proprietary electronic trading platform and API access.

In response to growing institutional demand for trusted digital asset trading, Co-Founders Michael Halimi and Avi Bouhadana first established Enigma in 2017 as the crypto arm of international brokerage firm Makor Group. Wilfred Daye is the CEO of Enigma Securities. Enigma is one of the first regulated brokerage firms to set up banking relations and custody solutions to meet institutional standards.

Since its launch, the firm has expanded its capabilities targeting full-stack institutional offerings and operating under a client-focused agency business model. Enigma bridges the gap between traditional financial services and cryptocurrency markets through fintech innovations. For more information about Enigma Securities, visit: