Mercury Digital Assets Partners with DV Chain to Enhance Crypto Liquidity Provision

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CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mercury Digital Assets (“Mercury”), a technology provider for digital asset markets, today announced its partnership with DV Chain to further enhance access to diverse pools of OTC crypto liquidity. Mercury’s clients can now access DV Chain’s institutional-grade liquidity via Mercury’s BEACON OEMS platform or via API.

Users of Mercury’s order and execution management system and RFQ network will be able to access DV Chain’s liquidity for spot OTC and crypto derivatives trading

Clients can place RFQ and limit orders, allowing flexibility in how traders using Mercury’s BEACON platform can incorporate DV Chain’s liquidity into their trading workflows and strategies. OTC brokers and dealers automating their trading desks with BEACON can seamlessly trade with DV Chain as a liquidity provider while delivering bespoke 24/7 pricing and a customized trading experience to their clients. Adding DV Chain, and DV Chain’s non-U.S. affiliate, DALP (Digital Asset Liquidity Provider), to Mercury’s RFQ network increases accessible liquidity for those looking to trade large and/or complex orders in the cryptocurrency derivatives space.

“Given DV Chain’s deep roots in trading and market making, we see this partnership as a seamless augmentation of our expertise. We have been a technology solution provider for fragmented markets in need of more robust infrastructure for over 20 years,” said Tony Saliba, Mercury’s Founder. “Our complementary backgrounds made this alliance a natural fit.”

Mercury’s integration with DV Chain’s liquidity (and DALP, for non-U.S. customers and venues) comes during a period of persistent inquiries by market participants regarding their ability to access block-sized liquidity for trading crypto options, futures, and perpetual swaps.

“Our firms are seeing the same acceleration in desire for better technology and liquidity in the OTC space,” said Michael Rabkin, DV Chain’s Head of Global Partnerships and Institutional Sales. “We want to harness that interest, provide tight markets, and thereby facilitate further institutional participation.”

The crypto derivatives industry as a whole has grown dramatically over the past year. March 2021 saw record-setting trading volumes in bitcoin futures and options, including the bitcoin options complex’s largest expiry to date on March 26 when $6.4 billion of options expired. Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies’ overall market capitalization topped $2 trillion in early April. As this activity continues, Mercury is working on more trading solutions to better aggregate liquidity across multiple venues.

For more information about the BEACON platform, please contact Mercury here.

About Mercury Digital Assets

Developed by the same team that created the current, state-of-the-art, application-driven liquidity networks used within the listed equity options market, Mercury Digital Assets offers secure, reliable, and efficient access to digital asset markets with institutional-grade solutions for OTC desks, exchanges, professional trading groups, custodians, and asset managers. For more information about Mercury Digital Assets, visit

About DV Chain

DV Chain provides market making services to institutional clients and exchanges, allowing them to trade a broad range of cryptocurrencies through a variety of APIs and interfaces. Clients can seamlessly settle transactions in multiple fiat currencies on the same day. DV Chain also provides other professional services related to digital assets to help make the trading process more efficient.

DV Chain is an affiliate of DV Trading, which is a Chicago-based proprietary trading firm. Consistently regarded as one of the preeminent trading firms in the world, DV Trading has been operating as a traditional proprietary trading firm since 2006 with over 300 employees globally. DV Chain is also an affiliate of Independent Trading Group, a Canadian broker-dealer. Independent Trading Group is a member of IIROC, the Canadian Investor Protection Fund, the Toronto Stock Exchange, and the Canadian Securities Exchange. For more information, please visit or contact