Mercury Digital Assets Announces Lead Investment in RiskSmith, a Revolutionary Tool for Investors

TAMPA, Fla., Aug. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mercury Digital Assets (“Mercury”), the leading digital asset and cryptocurrency trading technology provider, announced today their investment in a one-million-dollar pre-seed funding round for RiskSmith, a transformational new app offering a professional-grade portfolio toolkit for individual investors. The funding will fuel product expansion and growth via strategic partnerships for RiskSmith.

Mercury brings decades of expertise in building low-latency trading systems, for both traditional capital markets and the crypto market, to the partnership. RiskSmith’s database tracks more than 10,000 crypto pairs, giving users an unparalleled view of how crypto assets and equities work together in a portfolio. Supported by Mercury’s digital-asset mastery, RiskSmith is positioned as a major leap forward from traditional brokers and portfolio trackers.

“We see great value in how RiskSmith solves the pain points of individual investors of digital assets,” said Mercury’s CEO Tony Saliba. “We are thrilled about this partnership and together we can help individual investors navigate and grow their investments with institutional-grade tools.”

2021 saw the single largest spike in new retail investors in history, but they were met with unprecedented volatility and an intimidating bear market. Many popular web-based brokers offer only a thin layer of metrics, and their customers are left unprepared to manage risk at this level.

RiskSmith is built to unwind that confusion and stress, giving users a powerful, intuitive analysis dashboard that pairs seamlessly with their existing broker account. The risk-centric metrics available on the platform were previously available only to institutional investors.

“We’re excited to give everyday investors the tools they’ve always needed but never had, and Mercury’s lead role in this funding round is a vital contribution to help us create that future,” said RiskSmith Co-Founder Dr. Richard Smith. “We’re serving the next generation of confident, successful investors.”

RiskSmith is currently available for free, open for registration at Mercury’s funding will support the development of premium tiers of the RiskSmith service.

About Mercury Digital Assets
Mercury Digital Assets, the leading digital asset and cryptocurrency markets technology provider, offers secure, reliable, and efficient access to digital asset markets with institutional-grade solutions for OTC desks, exchanges, professional trading groups, custodians, and asset managers. Through decades of experience building first-rate financial technology products and value-enhancing trading ecosystems, Mercury provides comprehensive solutions for a wide range of crypto market participants. For more information about Mercury Digital Assets, visit

About RiskSmith
RiskSmith provides individual investors with professional-grade portfolio analysis once available only to hedge funds and other institutional investors. The app’s intuitive metrics dashboard allows everyday people to better understand risk and master their portfolios like full-time analysts, helping users get better returns while experiencing less stress from market madness. Try it free today at

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