Tony Saliba Slams Virtue Signaling in Brutal FTX Crypto Collapse

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Our CEO, Anthony Saliba, joined John Aidan Byrne on the DIG LIFE DEEP! podcast to discuss the brutal FTX collapse, his trading career, and more.

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TONY SALIBA, CEO of Mercury Digital Assets, recently renamed Liquid Mercury, is a world-renowned trading and crypto expert and author. Tony has decades of experience working in traditional markets, starting out on the Chicago Board of Exchange. Saliba was profiled in Market Wizards. He has spent decades as a traditional trader and also entered the crypto investing space becoming a major tech player. He is an internationally renowned business leader, multi-faceted serial entrepreneur, option trading pioneer, master trader and board member of the Chicago Stock Exchange, author, and shareholder, operator, and investor in nearly 100 companies.
Tony has been the founding member of key companies in the trading and tech industries such as Efficient Capital Management, International Trading Institute, Liquid Point, Fortify Technologies, and more. He currently maintains a global team of staffers in offices around the US, UK, India and China helping companies achieve high rates of growth and identifies initiatives to unlock exponential value. Tony was one of the featured experts highlighted in the book, Market Wizards,… Tony. was recently featured as an expert for a series of articles with Business Insider.