Tony Saliba

Founder & CEO​

Internationally renowned business leader, multi-faceted serial entrepreneur, option trading pioneer, and shareholder, operator and investor in nearly 100 companies.

Master trader at CBOE where he also served on Board of Directors. The only options trader to be featured in the seminal work “Market Wizards” showcasing the world’s best pro traders.

Founder of International Trading Institute; pioneered training pro traders and market makers worldwide for 25 years.

Sole founder and CEO of Liquid Point, a trading platform, broker and solution provider; sold to Convergex for $250 million.

Founding member of key companies in the trading industry such as Efficient Capital Management – the premier managed futures firm as well as key non-trading-specific technology firms such as Fortify Technologies.

Board member of the Chicago Stock Exchange.

Maintains global team of staffers, 24×7 ops center in CA and offices around US, UK, India and China. Helps companies achieve high rates of growth and identifies initiatives to unlock exponential value.