Noah Ritchie

Chief Strategy Officer

Noah Ritchie is a financial industry veteran with over two decades of experience in trading, technology, and entrepreneurship. At Liquid Mercury, Ritchie is responsible for driving innovation, strategic planning, partnerships, market intelligence, and performance measurement. He leverages his extensive background in options, derivatives, and program trading to spearhead the company’s efforts in the digital asset space.

Prior to joining Liquid Mercury, Ritchie was the Managing Director and Head of Program Trading at Dash Financial, where he served on the board of directors. He oversaw the design, build, and management of highly successful bespoke program trading desks at both Dash Financial and his firm, Fox River Execution.

Ritchie co-founded and served as a portfolio manager at Searock Partners, a top-performing fund of funds that consistently produced superior risk-adjusted returns, ranking in the top decile of its peer group. He is also a founding principal at Fox River Partners, a private equity firm.

Before his career in finance, Ritchie served with distinction in the U.S. Army, where he was a member of the prestigious Honor Guard in Washington, D.C.

Ritchie’s expertise spans building trading technology from the ground up, managing trading operations, and creating successful financial services businesses. His entrepreneurial mindset and proven ability to generate substantial revenues from bespoke trading solutions make him an invaluable asset to Liquid Mercury.