Legendary trader & market wizard TONY SALIBA, slams virtue signaling in brutal FTX crypto collapse

Watch on YouTube Our CEO, Anthony Saliba, joined John Aidan Byrne on the DIG LIFE DEEP! podcast to discuss the brutal FTX collapse, his trading career, and more. Listen to this and other episode of DIG LIFE DEEP! on Apple, Google, Spotify and More. https://anchor.fm/john-aidan-byrne0 TONY SALIBA, CEO of Mercury Digital Assets, recently renamed Liquid Mercury, is a world-renowned […]

New to Crypto – Legendary Master Trader Tony Saliba Interview

Read on NewToCrypto.io Crypto Travels Michael  Welcome back to another podcast episode! I’m excited about today’s interview! Join me as I interview Tony Saliba, Founder of Liquid Mercury. You don’t want to miss this interview. Tony Saliba – CEO of Mercury Digital Assets. Tony Saliba is the CEO of Mercury Digital Assets. He is an […]