Top 4 Tips for Options Trading: Legendary Options Trader Tony Saliba

Tony Saliba was only 23 years old when he started trading options over four decades ago in 1979. Back then, it was a pilot program but he took an interest in it because it was a dynamic approach to trading. “Options were the newest security, and being from Chicago, a young kid who caddied for […]

Tony Saliba on Cheddar News

Bitcoin Hits $25,000 Threshold, But Can It Sustain Momentum? Bitcoin is starting the week around $24,000, even hitting the $25,000 mark Sunday into Monday, as investors show some optimism after July inflation data shows high prices cooling slowly. Meanwhile, Ether is also moving slightly higher thanks to a successful test run ahead of next month’s […]

Adam Sarhan Interviewed Market Wizard Tony Saliba Part I

Tony shares some great stories of how he got started in the business, some timeless lessons he’s learned along the way, how he handles risk, and how he thinks about and makes every decision. SOURCE Smart Money Circle: Watch the Interview SMC: Adam Sarhan Interviewed Market Wizard Tony Saliba Part I. Tony shares some […]

Mercury Digital Assets Announces Lead Investment in RiskSmith, a Revolutionary Tool for Investors

TAMPA, Fla., Aug. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mercury Digital Assets (“Mercury”), the leading digital asset and cryptocurrency trading technology provider, announced today their investment in a one-million-dollar pre-seed funding round for RiskSmith, a transformational new app offering a professional-grade portfolio toolkit for individual investors. The funding will fuel product expansion and growth via strategic partnerships […]